Himpunan Hijau Raub: Sept 2, 2pm

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The Residents of Raub Pahang ask for your presence and support at Himpunan Hijau Raub!

2 Sept 2012, 2.00pm
Pekan Raub Pahang.

For three years we have been suffering severe itchiness, running nose, cough, tiredness and giddiness after the Raub Gold Mine started using cyanide to extract gold. All channels of appeals have failed. All methods of bullying have been applied to us. We are determined to ban cyanide. We are determined to save our town and villages. We ask for your support. Be with us and Support us on Sept 2, 2.00pm at Raub Pahang. Thank you.

Call issued by
Ban-Cyanide Support Group

Contact Persons :
Sherly Hue : 019 -2782859
Khim Pa : 012-477 7706

For more details, visit the official facebook event page