SUARAM Urgent Arrest for tonight #JanjiDemokrasi

Dear All,
SUARAM will be standby for Urgent Arrest for tonight Janji Demokrasi.
Please contact the numbers below if anyone of you arrested by the police.
These are the numbers of the Urgent Arrest Team:
1. Nalini 019 3758912
2. Syukri 0198013149
3. Kar Fai 0163832323
4. SUARAM office : 03 77843525

This what we want you to do:


If you arrested or witness anyone being arrested at your respective place, please send sms to the number that given.

As we may receive overwhelming calls, please only sms your:
1. Name
2. Complete IC Number
3. Police station
4. Contact Number
Example of sms: “Ali bin Ahmad 580321-10-0007, IPD Dang Wangi, 012 999999”
Please cooperate by providing complete information by SMS and do not spam the lines.
This phone lines only for arrest or detention. Please keep the lines free for urgent arrest only.
If you beaten or abuse by the authorities please lodge police report and inform SUARAM.
Released by,
Nalini Elumalai
Executive Director of SUARAM
Tel: 03 77843525

Twitter: nalinielumalai
Facebook: Nalini Elumalai