ABU will not waste the rakyat’s resources in constituencies that the opposition are minded to gift away to BN

Later this morning, there will be an important meeting of civil society activists who are concerned about the growing possibility of opposition parties themselves causing 3 or more cornered contests in the 13th GE.

We all share the same concern : 3 or more cornered contests invariably favour UMNO / BN to win the seat.

Every Drops Counts

Yesterday, I sought and obtained the consensus of my colleagues in ABU on a matter that has been troubling me this last 48 hours.

We at ABU work for you, the rakyat, who desire to see the end of UMNO/BN in Putrajaya.

We do not work for the political parties.

We work with them when they, too, are working in the interests of the rakyat.

I’ve explained before that owing to limited resources, ABU does not operate in all 222 constituencies.

Instead, based on a careful study by our Strategic Evaluation & Advancement Team, we are operating in less than 100 constituencies and, based on information received from sources within BN, we know we are on the right track in the selection of those constituencies.

Now, in the last 2 1/2 months, first myself and then later the ABU eagles, have gone to ground into the Malay heartlands and the rural towns to combat the lies of the mainstream media, to deliver the ABU warnings to foreigners and to work with local volunteers to establish TAHAN squads.

We would not have been able to do all of this without the funding we have received from you.

I have given my word to all of you that these funds will be utilised for only one purpose : to ABU the constituencies we operate in with a view to removing UMNO/BN from Putrajaya.

However, ABUing these constituencies becomes next to impossible if in any one or more of them, the opposition parties offer more than one candidate to take on BN.

In such a situation, it is almost a given that BN will win the constituencies where the opposition parties are offering more than one candidate.

In these constituencies, therefore, we do not think it would be right to apply the resources you have made available to us or to waste our time and energy on what must be a futile effort to deny BN these constituencies.

As such, we have decided that after nomination day this Saturday, if there are more than one opposition candidate in any of the constituencies that we are presently operating in, we will immediately withdraw our operators from those constituencies and deploy them in the other constituencies where we still have a chance to fatally kick UMNO/BN in the groin.

Originally published by The People’s Parliament.